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Adam Olsen

Saanich North & The Islands  |   BC Green Party   |  May 02, 2017

Thank you for your letter posing a series of questions in regards to the key priorities of the mineral exploration and mining industry in BC. We appreciate the opportunity to provide comment, and will focus on several of the themes from the Green Party of BC platform which we feel are very pertinent to your questions.  

First and foremost, the BC Greens recognize that economic opportunities are essential for people, and the Green’s sustainable economy proposals are designed to seize the opportunities our natural resources afford us through innovation, efficiency, value added and intrinsic benefits by promoting their stewardship and sustainable use. The Greens are committed to make the resilience of our natural assets a priority, and will work in good faith and in partnership with the various provincial industrial sectors that will be impacted by climate change, including the mining industry, to develop integrated climate risk management and resilience plans designed to preserve long term economic and environmental sustainability and promote best practices. These plans will not only be internal to the various industries, but will consider competing interests of the different industries.

In regards to First Nations and opportunities to enhance relationships between government, First Nations and the industry, the BC Greens commit to working with all levels of governments to ensure that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities share in the planning, decision-making and benefits associated with mining projects. The litigious approach is disrespectful and a costly deterrent to project development. If we are to successfully and sustainably develop our resources and resilient First Nations communities, we need a fundamentally different approach which is inclusive, all-encompassing and without a pre-determined outcome. The BC Green Party approach is to build a respectful relationship with Indigenous peoples which fosters true partnerships through ongoing dialogue, coupled with sincere commitments to both respect court decisions and to resolve Aboriginal rights and title issues. The Greens recognize that the mining sector has a high rate of Aboriginal employment, and believe that ultimately the treaty process will be much more successful once a collaborative relationship is established with First Nations on resource development.

We invite you to read our entire platform (http://www.bcgreens.ca/platform), and once again thank you for the opportunity to share our perspective.

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