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Peter Njenga

Surrey South  |   Independent   |  Apr 21, 2017
1. What fiscal measures will you implement to ensure that mineral exploration and development remains globally competitive and able to attract investment?

Yes mineral exploration and development should be encouraged and promoted. Such promotion should be through tax incentives such as input tax credits, SR&ED, and speedy licensing of viable projects. However, we need to ensure that excavations do not degrade our environment.

2. B.C. industries compete with many global jurisdictions that do not have a carbon tax. What measures will you take to ensure trade exposed industries like mining remain competitive while paying for carbon emissions?

Global competition is a reality today. Carbon tax is supposed to help improve environment. I therefore advocate for ploughing back carbon tax money to relevant industries that contributed it . Such ploughing back of tax funds in mining industry will help miners to refill exposed excavation holes and to improve their mining technology geared towards better returns and protection of environment....   read full response