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Libertarian party of BC responses
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Josh Steffler

Esquimalt-Metchosin  |   Libertarian party of BC   |  Apr 21, 2017
1. What fiscal measures will you implement to ensure that mineral exploration and development remains globally competitive and able to attract investment?

By eliminating the Carbon Tax, the BC Libertarian Party will make BC more competitive globally and investors will feel better knowing their investments are going to exploration and development rather then government waste and taxation.

2. B.C. industries compete with many global jurisdictions that do not have a carbon tax. What measures will you take to ensure trade exposed industries like mining remain competitive while paying for carbon emissions?

The BC Libertarian Party is the ONLY party willing to repeal the Carbon Tax. We can only compete fairly when there is a level playing field, and with a tax dragging us down like the Carbon Tax, it’s not fair for BC. Axe the Carbon Tax...   read full response