Where They Stand

reponse from:

Josh Steffler

Esquimalt-Metchosin  |   Libertarian party of BC   |  Apr 21, 2017
1. What fiscal measures will you implement to ensure that mineral exploration and development remains globally competitive and able to attract investment?

By eliminating the Carbon Tax, the BC Libertarian Party will make BC more competitive globally and investors will feel better knowing their investments are going to exploration and development rather then government waste and taxation.

2. B.C. industries compete with many global jurisdictions that do not have a carbon tax. What measures will you take to ensure trade exposed industries like mining remain competitive while paying for carbon emissions?

The BC Libertarian Party is the ONLY party willing to repeal the Carbon Tax. We can only compete fairly when there is a level playing field, and with a tax dragging us down like the Carbon Tax, it’s not fair for BC. Axe the Carbon Tax

3. Do you believe revenue collected from carbon tax should be reinvested in new processes or technologies that further reduce greenhouse gas emissions at mining operations?

No, I believe the Carbon Tax is theft, and it should be eliminated completely.

4. What will you do to promote infrastructure development in BC that supports mineral and coal exploration and mining (hydroelectric power generation, transmission lines, natural resource roads, railways, ports etc.)?

Infrastructure can be developed with strong reliance on property rights, we do not believe in expropriation, and the only way to have win win solutions is to respect when people say YES for use of their property, and when they say no as well. With the monopoly of BC Hydro, they have an obligation to provide their service to all BC business, so we would continue that tradition, we would also eliminate their monopoly so you could be free to build or contract new sources of infrastructure and energy.

5. What will you do to ensure prospectors and mineral explorers have access to as much land as possible to conduct temporary and low impact mineral exploration for valuable, but hidden, deposits?

We will ensure the rights of the prospectors and explorers who are operating in a lawful manner, and be sure to defend their rights just as much as any other’s.

6. What will you do to resolve long-standing land claims? And what are the opportunities to enhance relationships between government, First Nations and industry?

The land issues are a property rights issue, the fact is if the Natives have said no to using their land, then tats the answer and you would have to find a way to voluntarily contract with them. That being said, there are many first nations bands who are eager for the investments in their community and we would also defend their rights when they say YES to development on their land.

7. What will you do to encourage new skills development opportunities and support the attraction, recruitment and retention of highly qualified workers needed for BC mining projects both now and in the future?

It is the onus of the mining industry to communicate their needs to the people of BC. We would staunchly defend your right to free speech and free expression, but do not believe it is the government’s job to push people in any direction except the freedom of their own choices.
You want the workers, get advertising, get into schools to talk to kids, job fairs, social media..all done without government interference.