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Phillip Ryan

Vancouver-False Creek  |   BC Citizens First Party   |  May 02, 2017

A response sent to a member of the public and republished with permission.

I commend anyone who has the foresight to launch a publicly traded mining company and has overseen its growth acquiring, financing, exploring and developing gold mining properties throughout North, Central and South America. You are a valuable asset for the province, the country and the local community having your head office located in Vancouver.

I can assure you that the BC Citizens First Party, as well as myself as Party Leader, fully support investment, growth and competitiveness in all stages of mineral resource development.

We are happy to work with you to fully understand your issues in regard to uncertainty surrounding land access, native land claims, and the environmental permitting process. Whilst we cannot guarantee outcomes, we believe that you should be able to have positive constructive dialogue with all parties, and that all parties should undertake a integrative approach to outcomes so that everyone can achieve a win-win outcome. Distributive bargaining where people attempt to spilt up a fixed pie is the old paradigm of negotiations.

In principle we believe that we should encourage land access unless there are demonstrable long term negative outcomes from such access; that current native land rights should be respected but that it is incumbent on the provincial government to encourage dialogue and positive outcomes from any negotiations for both the native title owners and miners; that environmental permits processes should be both engaging with key stakeholders and timely for all parties.

Our major concern with the current mining industry in BC is our requirement that mining companies should be fully financially responsible for any negative detrimental impacts they have on environment. This should not be an obligation for taxpayers.

In response to your specific questions we provide the following commentary:

  1. What fiscal measures will you implement to ensure that mineral exploration and development remains globally competitive and able to attract investment?

We need to ensure there is sufficient incentives for Exploration, Research and Development across all industries including mining.


  1. BC industries compete with many global jurisdictions that do not have a carbon tax. What measures will you take to ensure trade exposed industries like mining remain competitive while paying for carbon emissions?

The mining industry will be expected to adjust, like all other industries, to the imposition and maintenance of the current level of carbon tax.

  1. Do you believe revenue collected from carbon tax should be reinvested in new processes or technologies that further reduce greenhouse gas emissions at mining operations?

This is the ideal outcome, however the current BC Carbon Tax regime provides tax refunds to taxpayers which they are going to find very difficult to give up. We support the current carbon tax and a subsequent review in 2020.


Transportation Infrastructure
  1. What will you do to promote infrastructure development in BC that supports mineral and coal exploration and mining (hydroelectric power generation, transmission lines, natural resource roads, railways, ports etc.)?

Infrastructure development for industry provides infrastructure for all British Columbians. We support hydro-electric power generation but believe we have adequate capacity for current and projected demand. Accordingly we will place a 2 year halt on Site C and initiate a Royal Commission into its original approval and either its future development or mothballing for the time being. Transmission lines and resource roads needs to be up to appropriate standards and delivered to centres of industrial, commercial and housing development. Railways and ports are a vital infrastructure need for the province.


Land Access
  1. What will you do to ensure prospectors and mineral explorers have access to as much land as possible to conduct temporary and low impact mineral exploration for valuable, but hidden, deposits?

We support mining exploration and licencing rights but must ensure protection of the local environment in which such developments take place.


First Nations
  1. What will you do to resolve long-standing land claims? And what are the opportunities to enhance relationships between government, First Nations and industry?

As discussed above we support integrative negotiation outcomes where all parties can achieve a win-win outcome and we see the government’s role as facilitating such dialogue and appropriate positive outcomes. Current land titles should be acknowledged and future land claims resolved quickly. We support encouraging all land owners to support the mining industry to the benefit of the owners, miners and people of B.C.


Skills and Training
  1. What will you do to encourage new skills development opportunities and support the attraction, recruitment and retention of highly qualified workers needed for BC mining projects both now and in the future?

We will do all that is necessary to create employment opportunities, develop new skills development and support the retention of highly qualified workers focusing on the needs of the mining industry. WE would be happy to include the mining industry in our new fee free post-secondary government scholarships program.


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you would like to discuss any of these responses. Furthermore, I look forward to the opportunity of discussing your frustrations more directly in a personal one-on-one meeting in the near future.

I encourage you to review our broad spectrum of public policies on our website www.bccitzensfirst.ca

Kindest regards,

Phillip Ryan

Leader, BC Citizens First Party





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